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About us

Our mission & philosophy

A few words about us

Greta’s was born from a desire to offer busy Copenhageners great and healthy food that is as respectful and kind towards our bodies as it is to the planet. We prepare all our food fresh every day and spread joy and well-being with our delicious, creative and filling meals.

Our menus are inspired by the multicultural roots of our founder Greta as well as the flavours and cultures encountered by her and her husband on their many travels. We also don’t shy away from using old family recipes from grannies, aunties and uncles in India, Mexico and Austria, so keep a look out for those specials!

Many of our dishes are either vegan or vegetarian, but we believe that everything in life is
about balance and enjoyment, that’s why we also serve some amazing dishes for all the
meat lovers out there.

We prepare all our meals with locally sourced, seasonal fruit and vegetables and you can find our special warm dishes throughout the season. In addition to our warm dishes we also serve a variety of delicious fresh salads, which change every day, according to what produce is available on a weekly basis.

Our motto is that you should feel good about what you eat and drink. That’s why we put a lot of thought and effort into creating our dishes, making sure that every single one is nutritious, balanced and environmentally sustainable – and of course delicious!

Our mission
and philosophy

Our mission is to be the most sustainable healthy fast food restaurant out there and to inspire others to follow our lead. That’s why we take great care in the selection of the raw material used to furnish our lovely restaurant, the produce we serve and the packaging we serve it in.

Celebrating natural, seasonal and local

We want to give you only the best! That means the best local, seasonal and organic ingredients, because they taste better, are richer in nutrients and bring variety and colour into our lives. After all, where is the fun in eating the same thing all year around? The vast majority of the vegetables and fruit we use to create our dishes are exactly that; they are organically grown and sourced locally, right here in Denmark. We don’t stop there though; whenever possible we use “ugly” and surplus fruit and vegetables, because we think food waste makes no sense – at all (read more about our partnership with Grim and our fight against food waste here).

All our animal products come from animals with the absolutely highest welfare standards and are exclusively Danish and organic. Our pork comes from the Hestbjerg farm in western Jutland. These pigs are certified with four hearts in the coop animal welfare standard, that is the “extra good life”. They have access to forests, are weaned after 10 weeks (as opposed to the 7 weeks in conventional organic farming) and when not out foraging, they are fed on silage and root vegetables – which they love. Our milk is also 100% organic and Danish and so is our cheese. We only use fish that has been sustainably and locally caught.

We can’t source everything locally though, so when we do venture afield to give you some of those explosive Asian or Latin-American flavours, we make sure to reduce our food miles by sourcing our produce from the closest possible location. With the exception of a few flavour bombs like for instance limes, ginger and lemongrass – which we have found to be irreplaceable – we also only import dry ingredients, thus avoiding air-freighted produce.

When it comes to coffee, we have chosen to source all our beans from Nordhavn Coffee Roasters to deliver heaven in a cup to you. Nordhavn Coffee Roasters are a Copenhagen based micro-roastery that craft-roast all their beans in small batches to make sure we only get the freshest roasted specialty coffee

We love our cooperation with the awesome guys over at Nordhavn Coffee Roasters because we all share the same interest for social and environmental sustainability. For instance, all the coffee we receive from NCR is completely free of packaging! We want to showcase the diversity of coffee origins and their flavours, that’s why you’ll regularly get to try coffee from different places in the world at Greta’s. One thing is for sure though, whether our monthly coffee comes from Indonesia, Honduras or Ethiopia, it is always fairly traded and organic.

Respect the environment and reduce the negative environmental impact of our food systems

We have one principle that guides us in everything we do, and that is to reduce our environmental footprint. We’ve made a commitment to always make the most sustainable choice that we can make, and this extends much further than just the way we source our produce. Our restaurant is powered with green energy and we work closely with our energy provider to find ways to be more energy efficient and lower our energy consumption.

All the furniture in our restaurant has been hand made by our lovely carpenter duo Jan and Kim just a stone’s throw away in Christania. The birch wood that was used for it doesn’t just look great, it is also FSC certified and responsibly sourced in Europe. Even our beautiful iron windows, doors and table-stands were locally hand made by the amazing power ladies over at Kvindesmedien.

We’re trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use as much as possible, that’s why all our take away food packaging is 100% compostable. Only our bags and bowl lids are not compostable, but they are made from recycled paper and plastic and are fully recyclable.

We also want to encourage and reward environmentally friendly actions by our customers, that’s why we give you 5 kr. off every hot drink when you bring your own reusable cup.

It doesn’t even have to be a reusable Greta’s cup, but it will put a smile on our faces if it is, just because we think they’re beautiful!

We only use environmentally friendly cleaning products in our restaurant and we sort all our waste. Our paper and plastic gets recycled, our compost is turned into fertiliser and bio gas and all other waste is incinerated and turned into heating and electricity.

Eating more vegetables is great for your health, it increases your intake of fibre, minerals, vitamins and phyto nutrients. It’s also better for the planet because rearing livestock has a significant impact on the environment including the release of huge amounts of greenhouse gases (for more on this topic we recommend this fascinating read by Joseph Poore). Who doesn’t want to maximise their health and wellbeing all the while protecting and supporting the natural resources we all rely on? That is why we always have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available. But don’t worry, our primary focus when creating these dishes is not for them to fall into a specific dietary category, but to be damn delicious!

Another issue that’s very close to our hearts is food waste, we really don’t like it – at all! Food waste is unnecessary, expensive and we think it is sadly ironic that annually 1.3 billion tonnes of food (or enough to feed 3 billion people) are wasted or lost world wide, whilst 925 million people are starving.

If food loss and waste were a country, the greenhouse gas emissions created by it would make it the world’s third largest greenhouse gas emitter, surpassed only by China and the United States.

Even in Denmark, 700.000 tonnes of food are wasted annually in the entire value chain from farm to fork. If you want even more statistics, we recommend checking out this brilliant movement against food waste, founded by Selina Juul. That’s why we are very careful not to unnecessarily waste any food at our restaurants. We achieve this by cooking to order and by carefulluy gaging our daily needs of food preparation. We also know that a large proportion of food waste happens at farms, where vegetables and fruit are tossed out and left to rot in the fields due to cosmetic flaws or because they were produced as a surplus to account for weather fluctuation order cancellations and overstocking. We think it’s absurd to discriminate against a perfectly edible and high-quality carrot, just because she’s oddly shaped. That’s why we got in touch with the awesome food waste warrior duo Carolin and Petra from Grim. Whenever available, they provide us with the ugliest vegetables and fruit and we make sure to celebrate their funny shapes.

We’ve carefully thought about all the ways in which we can be a sustainable business, but we know there’s always more that can be done. So please, if you have any suggestions or know of any charity near us who might want to pick up any leftover food, don’t be shy and let us know. We would be thrilled to hear your suggestions!