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We are Greta’s

Greta’s was born from a desire to offer busy Copenhageners great and healthy food that is as respectful and kind towards our bodies as it is to the planet. We prepare all our food fresh every day and spread joy and well-being with our delicious, creative and filling meals.

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Naturally Organic

We want to give you only the best! That means the best local, seasonal and organic ingredients, because they taste better, are richer in nutrients and bring variety and colour into our lives.

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Seasonal & Local

The vast majority of the vegetables and fruit we use to create our dishes are organically grown and sourced locally, right here in Denmark. All our animal products come from animals with the absolutely highest welfare standards and are exclusively Danish and organic.

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Environmentally Sustainable

We have one principle that guides us in everything we do, and that is to reduce our environmental footprint. We’ve made a commitment to always make the most sustainable choice that we can make, and this extends much further than just the way we source our produce.

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